Artful Aging

Some COMPAS roster artists are passionately enthusiastic about teaching older adults. Many of these artists have specialized training and years of experience in arts and aging. 

Thanks to our work with creative aging expert Pat Samples, COMPAS has two flexible Residency models that bring these highly effective teachers into senior housing. We work with you to adapt programming to meet your community’s needs.

A key component of either model is the advance training COMPAS provides for your site staff and volunteers. You’ll learn from and be inspired by Pat Samples, Artful Aging Program Manager and a longtime leader in facilitating creative expression by older adults, and your COMPAS artist. Sites are invited to include as many staff and volunteers as they choose in the training – at no extra charge. We want your residents and staff/volunteers to get the optimal results from the artistic experience and having a critical mass of people trained makes this happen. Besides, it’s fun!

What results can you expect? Joy, community building, creative art, and more.

Oak Meadows shares their story of how they used art to build confidence and memories. They also won Grand Prize in the national Senior Living Art Showcase competition for the mosaic its residents created with COMPAS artist Anne Krocak.

Artful Aging Camp ($1950 + Materials) This includes:

2-4 hours of advance training

Artist Meet & Greet session for residents to meet the artist and learn what will happen in the camp

12 hours of hands-on time working with the artist (done in 2-hour blocks, either during an intensive period of 3 days with both an AM & a PM time block, or spread over 6 days within a 2-week period)

Community Celebration (an event to celebrate and demonstrate the work the participants have done)

Artful Aging Classes ($1950 + Materials) This includes:

1-2 hours of advance training 

Artist Meet & Greet session for residents to meet the artist and learn what will happen in the class

8 weeks of classes (2-hour time block per week; often includes a Community Celebration at the end of the 8 weeks)

Artful Aging Sampler Sessions

Artist Samplers are now available! If you aren't sure which type of project—or perhaps which artist—best suits your needs, here's a chance to get just a taste of what the COMPAS Artful Aging program can offer.

Artist Samplers bring one of our certified Artful Aging artists to your site for a 2-hour workshop. Projects are designed to be completed in this time frame. Materials costs are extra, since they vary from artist to artist. (Some workshops require no materials at all.)

Single Sampler: Site pays $200 + Materials

Sampler Package, offering one session a month for a year: choose a different artist each month, or bring back your favorites as desired. Pricing options:

- Pay for 11 sessions, get the 12th one free ($2,200 + Materials)

- OR get Materials costs included for the year ($2,400 total)

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Prices listed cover all artist fees, as well as whatever planning time is needed with COMPAS staff.

Materials costs are extra. If the artist needs to travel a great distance to your site, and they are working during more than one day, you may need to provide mileage and/or lodging costs.

We can also schedule Performances and/or stand-alone Workshops by artists on our roster.

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