For over forty years we've engaged students in creative arts projects that practice professional art techniques, build connections with classroom curriculum, and explore global history and cultural diversity.  Our roster of over 100 artists work in diverse artistic disciplines, including musical, performing, visual and literary arts.  

Check out this video to see what two 11 year old girls came up with while working with COMPAS videographer, John Akre, then find a roster artist to inspire your students. Begin your search of our artist roster here

We publish an anthology of student writing from our residency work throughout Minnesota.

Arts Education Program Options

Check out an overview of COMPAS Arts Education here


Our residencies provide an opportunity for teachers and students to work alongside a professional artist who acts as a guide through the creative process and connects with themes and learning areas already familiar to students. Residencies begin with a planning meeting where your program will be created to complement and enrich existing curriculum and to meet specific goals or learning standards.

Search residency options on our Artist Roster.  Find an artist's residency description in their COMPAS artist roster page.

Check out our Prices and Policies Page to learn more about residency models and prices.


Performances are for groups of 300 audience members or less. They introduce students to an art form through a balance of demonstration and interaction. Our artists come from around the world, and are excited to share their culture through music, dance and presentation. Many programs provide study guides with background and preparation information, artist biographies and resources for further information. Some performances also have companion workshops.

Performance prices are listed on our Artist Roster.  Find an artist's performance description and prices in their COMPAS artist roster page.


Workshops are for groups of no more than 30 participants. They enable students to become more involved in the creative process and connect with other learning. During a workshop, students work closely with professional artists to discover their own artistic potential in an active learning situation.

Search workshop options on our Artist Roster.  Find an artist's workshop description in their COMPAS artist roster page.

Check out our Prices and Policies Page to learn more about workshop prices.

Why book an artist through COMPAS?

We value and believe in the need for the arts in the lives of children and youth (and everyone, really). COMPAS staff and artists know that the arts have both intrinsic and instrumental value. Yes, the arts have value on their own, and in classroom and out-of-school learning environments, we know that the benefits are numerous. They reach different learning styles and aid in developing communication, collaboration, problem solving skills and so much more. In addition, our Teaching Artists work to integrate core academic standards into their creative lessons when possible.

COMPAS artists are thoroughly vetted as professionals through COMPAS staff and/or an application process. Artists are evaluated based on their professional arts experience and teaching ability.

  1. Each artist or lead artist has a background check done bi-annually.
  2. Artists are visited on site by staff throughout the year to monitor their approach and to provide feedback on their program.
  3. When you book through us, we handle all the paperwork and the payment to the artist—making your job much simpler and less time-consuming.
  4. COMPAS liability insurance covers each artist while they are at your site.

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