Arts In Health Care

This program strengthens community and wellness in health care sites around the Twin Cities and beyond. From neighborhood clinics to facilities for behavioral health, teen medical services, long-term therapy or end-of-life care, we have found that engaging in art stimulates recovery, increases quality of life, and connects staff and patients to each other in deeper ways.

We've done dance projects with patients with brain injury or dementia; poetry and memoir writing with folks struggling through substance abuse; visual collage and graphic memoir to spark joyful remembrance of a long life lived. COMPAS artists continue to play a key role at Children's Hospitals in the Twin Cities, where we have a long-term project that provides both live performances and bedside visits for their young patients.

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Cost is $95 per hour. This covers all artist fees, as well as whatever planning time is needed with COMPAS staff. Materials costs are extra. Depending on site location, travel costs may also apply.

Need more information or have more questions?  Contact Daniel Gabriel