Roger Cummings

Before I was recognized as an artist, I drew my name without permission on “in-between spaces” and places in the urban environment - lockers, garages, bathrooms and alleyways. From there I progressed to creating functional artworks. I was commissioned by my peers and community members to draw party flyers for deejays, logos for bands and social groups, jewelry for dance crews and ghetto fabulous youth, and signs for small businesses. Another creative job I was often hired for was airbrushing memorial t-shirts, that commemorated too many lives cut short by gun violence. When I was 18 years old I was hired on as the visual artist for a Minneapolis radio show called the Hip Hop Shop. I was known in the Twin Cities for an aesthetic which sought to capture the pride, energy, and attitude that encompassed Hip Hop culture.

I am a painter and sculptor who suffuses aerosol (a.k.a. graffiti) letters and an urban aesthetic into my enamel paintings, public murals, stone sculptures, and three dimensional relief pieces. Urban culture and the aerosol medium have been dominant influences on my trajectory as an artist.

Roger’s artistic direction is informed by aerosol Hip Hop culture and social justice. He has worked individually and collectively to design and install dozens of works of large scale public and functional art over the span of his twenty-year career.

Programs offered by this artist/ensemble


Students may choose from the following options: Mural Painting, Set Design,and/or Airbrush/Graffiti Art.