Leo and Kathy Lara

Leo and Kathy Lara have been active as performers and educators within the Midwest since 1979. Leo is a native of Ecuador who is involved with the study and performance of Andean folk music. Kathy is a music, Spanish and elementary education teacher. They interpret the traditional songs and rhythms of various Latin American countries using a wide assortment of authentic instruments.

From beginning to end, Leo and Kathy Lara had the undivided attention of our students. Their music, costumes, instruments, and storytelling had every student anticipating the next activity. Leo and Kathy gave two performances, one for lower elementary students and another for our upper elementary grades. They expertly adjusted each performance for the age/s of their audience.

Teacher, Oakwood Elementary

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Latin American folk music blends indigenous, European and African elements and traditions.
Discover the various functions of music within cultures in this interactive program.